Loona - Xtreme Cleaner - 500ml

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  • DESCRIPTION: powerful sanitizing cleaner with activated peroxide specially designed to remove organic stains on fabrics and hard surfaces. Excellent for removing mold and fungi that cause bad odors.

    MADE FOR: sanitizing hard surfaces such as countertops, stainless steel, plastic, wood, ceramic and concrete surfaces. Recommended for removing stains from fabrics such as: clothes, chairs, sofas, rugs, mattresses and automotive interiors.

    Pet stores, veterinary clinics, breeders, grooming salons and at home.

    • Safe for animals and humans
    • Nontoxic
    • Biodegradable within 28 days, with Ecologo
    • Without Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs)
    • Water-based
    • Packaged in reusable bottles
    • Made exclusively from plant-based ingredients