Duo Senses - Otto's Choice - Pet Oil - 30ml - 1500mg

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  • Serving size: 20 drops (0.5 mL) half a pipette 

    Servings Per Container:  per 30ml bottle, 60 servings  

    Amount Per Serving (1ml): 25mg of Hemp Extract

    Ingredients: Hemp oil, MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride) derived from coconuts

    Contains No THC 

    Made in Canada

    How to Use:

    There are various ways to administer hemp oil to your beloved pet, ensuring they receive its beneficial properties:

    Directly into the mouth: Use a dropper or syringe to carefully place the recommended dosage of hemp oil directly into your pet’s mouth. This method allows for quick absorption and is ideal for pets who readily accept the taste.

    Mixing with food: Add the prescribed amount of hemp oil to your pet’s regular meal. Mixing it with wet or dry food helps mask the flavor, making it easier for picky eaters to consume.

    Mixing with treats: Incorporate hemp oil into your pet’s favorite treats. This method can be especially useful for pets who are hesitant about new additions to their food.

    Mixing with water: Dilute the hemp oil in your pet’s water bowl. This approach is convenient and ensures they receive the benefits of hemp oil throughout the day.