CHEWS is proud to host True Instincts dog training classes with Holly Forrest - CPDT-KA

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Level 1 (5 Weeks of Class, 1 Introduction Class with no dogs) $185
For puppies and dogs to teach introduction to basic obedience.
Curriculum: Sit, Down, Stand, Attention, Come when called, Loose Leash Walking, Stay, Polite Greeting.

Level 2 (4 Weeks of Class) $140
Class will learn new obedience skills and build on their current skills with more distractions.
Curriculum: Settle, Leave It, Go to Bed, Distracted Heel, Distracted Come, Distracted Stay, Left Finish.

Advanced Skills 1 (4 Weeks of Class) $140
Advanced obedience skills.
Curriculum: Obedience skills are practiced off leash and at a distance heel, come, leave it and stay. Right finish, Wait at a Door, Trick.

Advanced Skills 2 (4 Weeks of Class) $140
Advanced obedience skills.
Curriculum: Off Leash Exercises, Around Finish, Drop at a Distance, Trick, Target, Find It, left about turn.